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Ash Gunwales & Cedar Rib Stock for Canoe Building

Ash Gunwales 1" by 3/4' or larger and and White Cedar rib stock are available in 3/8" by 2 1/4" 3/8" X 40" to 60" lengths for most canoes building. 

Ash gunwale up to 16' 3" can be picked up or we ship precut scarf joints that can be easily assembled up to 20'


Rib Stock Materials:   All - 3/8" by 2 1/4" X 40" -60"

  • Plain Cedar Rib Planks
  • Routered Cedar Planks
  • Tapered Cedar Planks 
  • Grooved Planks with supplied Reinforcement Tape  - Bend them to you specifications
  • We also have 1/2 ribs for first 2 or 3 spots you can't bend from 18" to 30"

We hand select, cut and even help saw the wood that goes into our canoes at the local sawmill. Watch the video demo of us sawing the cedar  saw logs in lumber to build our cedar strip canoe strips and ribs.

General Consumer Sales  inquiries@cedarstripcanoekit.com

Notched Ribs with Reinforcement tape is Hidden when covered by cedar strips
Inside of canoe view with reinforced ribs.


Like I say not only do we hand cut our ash but we also hand deliver it onto the sawmill.
Here is a Ash 11" round by 10' long saw log I just cut and brought to the mill to be sawn into stock for gun wales.
Theses guys could believe I could lift it, it weighed 556 pounds and I stuffed it into my Kia Soul.
Actually I carried it 300 yards from the woods with a chain saw in the other hand.
Much more impressive than 30 feet to the mill from my vechicle.

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