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Dealer Inquiries

Is your canoe shop interested in become a dealer for our finished canoes or canoe kits? 

To become a dealer we typically start by producing a custom canoe for your shop with your logo or design.  This become your display or sales canoe and a centerpiece product to promote your store.  This canoe can be either our cedar strip wood/canvas  or wood/wood combination.  You can then choose to order finished or kit canoes per your needs.  If you do not choose to order a custom canoe logoed with your store then our minimum wholesale order is a combination of 3 finished or kit canoes for an opening order.  After the opening order you can order finished or kit canoes with a minimum order of 1.  You can also sell our customized canoes at your store, of which we can ship to your shop or directly to the customer.  If interested send us an email @


Distributor Sales/Specifications  sales@FlambeauCanoe.com



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