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Speciality Strips for Canoe Building

Located in Timber Country

Being located in Price County, WI allows us to harvest hand selected white cedar, ash and other specialty trees.  Once scouted, we cut the timber ourselves in to saw logs, transport the logs to a local sawmill and even help them saw the logs.  This rough cut lumber is then finished and processed into stock planks, strip, ribs, sterns and gunwales controlling the entire process.   Stock lumber products are also sold by the linear foot.  We offer specialty matched accent strips of birch, black cherry, hemlock, maple, oak and walnut to accent any canoe.  An onsite sawmill is planned to be constructed in Spring 2015.

Specialty Strip Prices:  Sold by Linear Foot (lf)

Type of Wood Stock Pair
4 pieces 16'3"
1/4" x 3/4" Plain   1/4" x 3/4" Bead and Cove
(5/8" Coverage)
Walnut $25 .85 lf 1.00lf
Cherry $25 .85 lf 1.00lf
Butternut $25 .85 lf 1.00lf
Silver  Birch $25 .85 lf 1.00lf
White Birch $20 .50 lf .75lf
Maple $20 .50 lf .75lf
Oak $20 .50 lf .75lf
Hemlock $20 .50 lf .75lf
Hickory $20 .50 lf .75lf
Nostalgic (send us a board with meaning) $50 Setup .25lf .50lf
We can get most boards, these we can get local.  If you want something special like teak, locus, curly maple or other specialitywoods we will custom quote you on the costs.


Accent Bans Strips (sets)
Walnut/Cherry/Butternut/Silver Birch $75pr
Birch/Maple/Oak/Hemlock/Hickory $60pr

Customer Supplied Nostalgia Wood $100pr

Inlay Bands 34 foot ~$600+
Inlay Patterns Installed +$175




Flambeau Canoe
W5992 Little Chicago RD
Phillips, WI 54555