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Veneer Designs & Logos Bonded into Your Canoe

Using our unique resources of wood veneers from around the world, we can take your image, logo or concept design can create a work of art in one of several ways:

  • Photo quality Jet Color Printing on veneer
  • Wood Plague or Metal Accessory
  • Hand Painting on canvas (Canvas canoes)
  • Decal Logo Application
  • Artist Painting before final coat

A third option is for the artistically inclined is to supply a hand painted design on a sheet of veneer.  Having done this for years we favor two woods:

  • White Maple which is a very light and clear wood which work great with detailed work and
  • Cherry with it darker color works better with less detailed items, lettering and shapes. 

Most veneer sheets are paper backed and are 10-15 mil thick. 

 The completed logo is then attached onto the canoe with glue.  It is then UV coated and sealed into the canoe with the finish clear coat of the canoe.  The process works basically same with canvas applications.  Below are some examples for photo reproductions on veneer, inlay art and combinations of photo, inlay are and decorative bands we have done.




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