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Wood Inlay Banding as Premium Strips Accents

Each inlay banding pattern is made of individual solid pieces of face grain wood, then resawn rather than sliced to show the grains in perfect detail.  We offer a selection of commercial designs, our own propriety designs and we can even create a custom designed inlay pattern for you.  For the artist types, you can send original art painted on veneer panels or strips for us to laminate into the canoe during finishing.  We can supply you the sheets or strips or tell you where to order them directly.  The following are examples of some of our designs and those available to us:


For those order stirps from us who would like to incorporate inlay strips into their design, we will remove 15mil off of our traditional strips and glue the inlay design to the strip.  This will also seamless incorporation into your canoe, plus also for these thin brittle strips to be shipped safely already attached to a strip.  The width of the design may result in a custom sawn strip of a dimension greater that 3/4 or a bead and cove of 5/8 actual coverage.







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