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Northern White Cedar Strips for Canoe Building

The popularity of building your own cedar strip canoe has grown more than accessible to aspiring boat builders as plans and building materials have become readily available.  One of the biggest difficulties in making a cedar strip canoe is purchasing or making your own cedar strips.  A table Saw eats up expensive boards and a band saws cuts uneven as both require excessive sanding before use.

Flambeau Canoe provides two types of strips plain and bead and cove.  For those who would like pre-sanded strips for a rib-less canoe we offer 1/4 X 3/4 X 4'-10' strips.  Users can bead and cove them themselves, bevel them or just butt them together depending on your design.  For those looking for the easy way out we furnish these strips with a bead and cove design.  The bead and cove makes the effective coverage of this strips 5/8"

For canvas canoe builders we also offer 1/4' X 3" X 4'-10' planks.  These simply butt together and ends are butted together on the ribs so they do not show.  This canoe uses brass clinch nails that are nailed onto steal ribs or a clinch iron.

For either case, our strips save time and make the process of applying individual strips painless. 

General Consumer Sales  inquiries@cedarstripcanoekit.com

Example of the heat applied bonding of strips with a single coat of proactive coating on Dacron aviation fabric.

We only cut hand selected local Northern Wisconsin Cedar

Prices:  1/4 X 3/4 inch Strips  .65 per linear foot

             1/4 X 3/4 inch Bead and Cove Strips (5/8' effective Coverage)  .85 per linear foot


Specialty Accent Strips are available in Walnut, cherry, red cedar, mahogany, and other select woods.  If you want, send us your wood and we can craft your strips custom.  Se special wood strips.


We hand select, cut and even help saw the wood that goes into our canoes at the local sawmill. Watch the video demo of us sawing the cedar  saw logs in lumber to build our cedar strip canoe strips and ribs.





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